Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Purple Kitchen by Cherry Moruones Doromal

Hello everyone! So, here it is... Due to insistent public demand (yey!😘),  I have created a Facebook page exclusively dedicated to sharing my recipes, food adventures and backyard organic gardening tips. The site is or simply search for The Purple Kitchen by BloggerMom. Whatever I post up on FB will also be reflected on this blogsite. As promised,  I will try my best to get to retrieve my previous food posts (uuuhhh thousands of them😜) for everybody's easy referrence and navigation. Note, though, that I'm not the boss on this site. Feel free to share your ideas. Let's learn together.

About The Purple Kitchen
The Purple Kitchen is an online extension of our home kitchen where this BloggerMom prepares her dishes for her loved ones. While it is true that "we eat to live and we don't live to eat", still, the fact remains that "food is life!" With that premise, it is my prayer that the same spirit of love, gratefulness, happiness and passion which I regularly experience in our kitchen be extended to your own homes through this site, that you, too, may enjoy life and be contagious in a positive way!πŸ˜ƒ  --
Cherry Moriones Doromal

Note: For whatever reason, I can't post photos at the moment via  Iphone.